Gallery of the Drifters

Understand the foundations of the ocean food web. Our Oceaneers will introduce you to algae, plankton and our amazing jellies. Examine these essential life forms up close or on the flat screen with the video microscope. Plankton are responsible for every second breath you take… think about it.

Kids at microscopes

Ocean’s Heartbeat

Our wet lab and a classroom like no other. Check out the teacher’s desk – it’s got fish in it! Peer into the mini-ecosystems through microscopes. This is the best way to see the ocean. The Ocean’s Heartbeat is used on a priority basis by school groups but everyone is welcome between classes.


Gallery of the Salish Sea

You now feel as though you are surrounded by the ocean. Colourful aquarium habitats teem with marine life from the Salish Sea. Hundreds of fish, invertebrates and marine plants recreate the ocean and give us an underwater view that most people never see. The ocean is so full of life; in fact 99% of the living space on our oddly named planet Earth is found in the ocean. Check out the wolf eels, rock fish and especially the octopus in its overhead grotto.

Touch pool image

Touch Pools

Using the one finger rule, shake hands with an urchin and be tickled by a sea star. With the breathtaking view of the Gulf Islands, the Salish Sea and our active volcano Mt. Baker as the backdrop, spend some time with our Oceaneers as they introduce you to what we call hands on/hands wet learning.